Working to control invasive plant species

Asked November 30, 2019, 9:33 AM EST

Hi, I'm interested in working with a group to monitor and/or control invasive plant species. I expect to have time available starting in the later part of the summer of 2020. Do you know of any organizations near Albany or Lebanon, Oregon that I could contact? I don't have special training although I actually enjoy weeding and observing how each weed seems to have one weakness that provides opportunity for elimination. (Yeah, really. I'm serious) Anyway, at this point I need more knowledge and am willing to read up and educate myself so I might actually become useful to whatever organization I eventually connect with. Are there any books or programs specializing in this information? Thank you, Laurie Burdeaux

Linn County Oregon

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What a great idea! Here are some contacts for organizations that you might want to contact to learn about possible volunteer opportunities for removing weeds in your area:

City of Albany Natural Areas & Parks
Emily Day

Calapooia Watershed Council:

Marys River Watershed Council:

City of Lebanon Parks:

Willamette National Forest:

I hope that helps get you pointed towards an organization with a project that will interest you.