woodland trillium restoration and impacts of wood chips

Asked November 28, 2019, 4:44 PM EST

Hello there,

I have some questions regarding trillium and trout lily restoration in woodlands and would love to speak to someone with expertise in this area. Specific questions include:
  1. what is the impact of chipping wood on the regeneration of woodland wildflowers,
    1. specially, is there a depth at which Trilliums and other wildflowers are unable to growth through the chips?
    2. Are woodchips helpful or harmful to trillium regeneration (the context is a woodland in a heavily used urban park - but where, amazingly, trilliums, trout lilies, and Solomon's seal still grow)
  2. how to restore woodland flowers to areas where soils have been degraded by foot traffic.

I have a meeting tomorrow for which I'd need even a cursory answer to some of these questions (especially the wood chip one) if possible...

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2 Responses

Established trillium, trout lily and most other woodland wildflowers will grow through two or three inches of wood chips applied when the plants are dormant. Avoid deeper mulch covers. For best results use partially decomposed chips and/or leaves if they are available.

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