green worms destruction

Asked November 28, 2019, 1:06 PM EST

i have tried several sprays, nt,neem, to no avail
the worms have completely eaten all the leaves off the rose bush.
will the bush come back?
what else can i spray on these green worms?
product called NT was suggested by local garden shop, but did not work.

Wake County North Carolina

1 Response

I was just looking at the forecast for Wake County, North Carolina and you will be in the high 30s by the end of this coming week. The leaves on the roses have helped produce sugars for the plant the whole season and at this point they have stopped functioning and it will not harm the plant to lose its leaves late in the season to caterpillars or sawfly larva. If this was May through October I would suggest any low toxicity material like insecticidal soap, horticultural oil or even to use a steady stream of water to blast them off the plant. Some insects feed only on the underside of leaves so spraying with these products or Neem has to be directly in contact with them. If your plant was healthy prior to the feeding by these late fall insects I would believe that the rose will come back fine in the spring and at this point ignore the insects feeding on leaves this late in the season.