Sudex refuses to grow

Asked November 27, 2019, 12:07 PM EST

We planted 3.5 acres of Sudex Haygrazer May 1st w/high germination rate. Crop grew to about 6",
fertilized, watered 3 times, but, never progress. What could be the problem?

Fremont County Colorado

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Did the crop die or just stall out?

If it shrived and died right after fertilizer application it could have been burned by it, but that is not likely.

A nutrient deficiency could have caused the plants to stall and possibly turn a yellow like color. A tissue analysis would be needed to determine that.

Another concern would be the temperature and planing time. We had a cool spring and start to summer, if you planted too early there is a chance there wasn't enough heat or too low a ground temp for the plants to get a good start.

Unfortunately, without more information it is hard to give a more certain answer.

The crop was planted May !st , the hay was tested, showing very low nitrate levels.
Your colleague in Rocky Ford thinks we may have a compaction issue. I would forward
the soil test report, and other info in the near future.

Thanks for the update Jack!
There are many things that cause issues in plantings but compaction also sounds like a possibility in this situation! Looking forward to the soil test.
Best of luck!