Horse carcass disposal

Asked November 27, 2019, 1:27 AM EST

May a horse carcass be hauled to the U of M and be disposed of in their Biodigester? If so, what is the cost?

OR where are we to haul the carcass to an incinerator? Our vet said Rendering will no longer take horses. As a boarding stable with several geriatric horses, I have a need for answers to this emotional question for some horse owners, as well as the cost, location, hours, hauling, etc.

Where might I find answers to these questions. Thank you.

Olmsted County Minnesota

2 Responses

Thank you for asking Farm Information Line. Your question is so important not only for your situation, but for anyone caring for livestock. Here is a UMN Extension handout on horse carcass disposal; I will also forward your question onto our horse expert at the University of Minnesota Krishona Martinson.

Good luck in your search for these answers. Animal carcass disposal has been adjusted quite a bit in the last decade not only for horses, but for all livestock producers. You might want to contact another horse owners in Minnesota and how they are resolving the issue. Please contact us again with questions you may have. Mary Nelson, University of Minnesota Farm Information Line