Asked November 26, 2019, 6:16 PM EST

I have a youth high school science team that is wanting to add green scape to the inside of their school. They are looking at doing a hanging green wall with succulents. We were wanting to find out how much oxygen do they produce? What kind of indoor conditions they need in order to thrive, remain healthy and productive? Best varieties to use indoors? Any other information you may have about indoor green hanging walls.

Malheur County Oregon

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Thank you for your questions. The amount of oxygen produced varies from plant to plant. Generally, the more photosynthesis in progress, the more oxygen, since it is essentially a waste product of that process. And, the more chloroplasts (compared to woody tissue), the more photosynthesis, which is why trees ‘produce’ so much oxygen. (BTW, there is another aspect to indoor plants, although it does not include many succulents:!po=35.0000) Like all plants, succulents need light, nutrients and a modicum of water, which they store in their leaves. Here is one website with simple directions: Here is a different approach: And, if things go swimmingly, your class may have a success like this: Here is an article on succulent selection: Having worked with several schools in creating outdoor gardens, the biggest challenge I see for your indoor effort is maintenance over the summer. Since these plants do need some water, the design will need to account for their care during school vacations. I hope this is helpful. Please keep in touch with more questions and updates!