Overwintering blueberry bushes and rosemary

Asked November 26, 2019, 11:12 AM EST

Hello! Apologies for lumping two items together, but they're in a similar situation and I'm hoping this is a simple answer. I have two blueberry bushes and one rosemary bush/plant, each in their own large pot. Rosemary is well established and healthy. Blueberries are making a comeback from being panted in the wrong place initially. I have moved them to a semi sheltered location, out of the direct wind, and where they still get good sun. The three pots are clustered together and wrapped in burlap sacks in one big bundle, with leaves stuffed all around and in between the pots. My question is, do I need to cover the plants themselves, or will they be OK over the winter like this? If so, what should I use? Wouldn't covering them restrict air, light and rain water? Thanks!

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Hi- you've taken the right steps to protect these plants over the winter. We suggest not tarping/covering them for the reasons you stated. Check periodically for signs of gnawing at the base of large stems by mice who may find the bottom of the pots a cozy living space.

Thank you so much!