suspicious shrub

Asked November 25, 2019, 4:14 PM EST

Obviously this shrub has been growing for a while. My husband thinks it blooms, but I don't remember noticing that. We're concerned that it doesn't belong here since it's still so green at the end of November, and we've noticed several others like it down in the woodland. Is it possible to ID this shrub from these pictures ? Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

1 Response

This appears to be one of the non-native species of Honeysuckle (Lonicera), a common invasive plant in our area. They are known for retaining their leaves late into the season, and re-growing leaves earlier than many natives in the spring. Our page on various invasive Honeysuckles found in this area can give more information:

Invasive plants are a common and persistent problem, as wildlife spreads their seeds around in natural areas. This page gives a bit of insight into some of the problems invasive plants cause in our ecosystem:

If any appear on your property and you would like to replace them with native plants, there are some resources here to help you choose which species might best fit, depending on growing conditions and wildlife benefit: