Established Gardeners who want to grow own food

Asked November 25, 2019, 1:50 PM EST

We are pretty experienced gardeners who have established many vegetable and flower gardens over the years. We went WFPB (mostly vegan) this past year and would like to eventually get to the point over the next few years where we are able to grow most of our own food. We have plenty of space and currently have set aside about 1/3 of an acre of full sun to part sun with well drained soil to plan out this garden. We would love some direction for planning a vegetable garden geared towards supplying a household of 2 with food for the majority of the year. Thank you!

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- please see our web pages on planning and starting a vegetable garden:
Fencing to exclude deer and other wildlife and a reliable water source for irrigation are critically important.

We suggest you check out classes and learning opportunities provided by th UME Master Gardener program in Baltimore Co. They have an excellent demonstration garden at their facility on Shawan Road: (click "Home Gardening")

Many different annual and perennial vegetable crops can be grown in central MD. You can also grow grain and dry bean crops for storing/processing. These will require more land and possibly some equipment for shelling and grinding.

Ecology Action is a good web resource for planning food gardens designed to meet all of one's nutritional needs: