Apple Tree Fungus?

Asked November 24, 2019, 6:20 PM EST

I think my Ashmead's Kernal apple tree has coral spot fungus at the base. There's also a gaping hole and orange pustules on the trunk a few inches up from the base of the tree. (Deer!) Is there any hope for my tree? If not, how should I best treat the area after the tree is removed so I can plant a new tree in a couple years? Thank you

Anne Arundel County Maryland

2 Responses

Your photos were not in focus. However, this looks like a type of wood decay fungus around the base of the trunk. The hole in the trunk may be a type of canker but we cannot say for sure. There are no treatments for either.

Your tree will continue to decline and you will have to remove it. No chemical controls are recommended. Do not replant in the same location due to grinding of the stump and roots in the area. Plant at least a minimum of 10 feet or further away.
Tree fruit such as apples are not an easy tree fruit to grow as they are so susceptible to insect and disease issues. They eventually require a spray schedule for control. See apple problems

If you intend to grow organically, start out with small fruits such as blueberry and blackberry. Tree fruits, especially apple and peach, are more prone to diseases and insect pests than small fruits. Fig, Asian pear, and Japanese persimmon are the tree fruits with the fewest pest problems. Learn more about growing fruits


Sigh. Okay, thank you. I'll stick to easier fruit.