Gall growth in winter

Asked November 23, 2019, 9:43 AM EST

Hi, I’ve been studying and collecting. Plant galls here in Prescott AZ for over six years ( and as winter comes on I’m wondering about gall development. Does it slow or enter diapause or what are the general changes in winter? Information on galls is pretty sparse so I appreciate your input. Thanks.

Yavapai County Arizona

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Hi Charlie,

It's Jeff Schalau. You know more about galls than I do. I think you will need to locate a research scientist that can assist. It would be good to catch up sometime though.

Oh. Hi Jeff. Yes, it would be fun the catch up. Let talk after the holidays. I guess I hadn’t realized you wrote the piece about galls here. I’m sure you know that galls are very little studied and it’s hard to find scholars on this topic but I will endeavor.

Sounds good. Rather than communicating through this national system, please contact me at ext 224.

Regards, Jeff