Replanting forested land

Asked November 22, 2019, 3:52 PM EST

I was wondering where I could get inexpensive fir trees to replant my property? I live on a forested mountain and the previous owner cut down a lot of firs.

Benton County Oregon

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There are many issues there. Answers will depend on your situation. For instance, when was it cut? How many acres? What has been done since, and what condition is it in now (weed wise)?

But you asked about seedlings. Seedlings have been in short supply lately. Getting them this year is unlikely. You’ll need to call around to nurseries to see what is available. Here are a couple links that might help.

ODF Sources of Native Forestry Nursery Seedlings

Forest Seedling Network

The top link shows seed zones (pg 15). It is important to get seedlings appropriate for the area where you live. And an appropriate stock type. In seedlings, you usually get what you pay for.

If no seedlings are available, order for next year.

Seedlings are only part of the issue. Getting the right seedlings is good, but handling, planting, site preparation and weed control are all important to successfully replanting. And success is required under the Oregon Forest Practices Rules, if you want to avoid problems with the Assessor or ODF.

Here are a couple publications that give an overview of the planting process.

Hope that helps. If you have questions, probably best to connect by phone (see below).