Help identify

Asked November 22, 2019, 3:30 PM EST

Can u help me identify please


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Unfortunately I won't be a great help on your question. Extension, as a part of the College of Ag and Natural Resources doesn't have much expertise in rocks and fossils.

That said, I reached out to our UW Geology Museum. Based on the pictures provided they think it's a rock (rather than a fossil), but they couldn't say much else from the photos provided. They welcome a follow up directly with them at

They also suggested that more photos might be helpful and offered a few tips. Take pictures in good light with a neutral backdrop and get plenty of different angles. It's also great if you can include a ruler or coin for scale.

Sorry Extension couldn't be of more immediate help, but hopefully the Geology Museum can get you a more specific ID.

David Keto
UW Extension
Communications & Technology Manager