Planting evergreens

Asked November 21, 2019, 10:26 PM EST

I recently visited Portland and enjoyed myself at a nursery purchasing an evergreen Marigold tree and golden euonymus (Japanese). And another evergreen bush I dont have the tag for lol. I have a greenhouse to put them in until spring and from what I've read the Marigold tree might have to wait to get into the ground. What about the euonymus? And any advice please

Crook County Oregon

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Hi, Plants generally need four weeks for the roots to become established before a hard freeze occurs. I think we are past that window, so it would be better to wait until spring to plant the euonymus. When you do plant it select a protected site that has protection from wind and afternoon sun. The japanese euonymus may be marginal here. I am not familiar with evergreen Marigold tree is this the same as a tree marigold? What is the scientific name of the plant and I can further assist you?