Struvite From Human Waste?

Asked November 20, 2019, 1:54 PM EST

Hello! I ran across this site while doing some research on soil.

My question is the following:

Is it possible to make struvite from human waste? I've ran a cross the process of making struvite from livestock manure but I wanted to know if that process could be duplicated with human waste instead. Thank you!

Johnson County Kansas

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I suspect it is possible. the problem is human waste streams are very low in P content. IN livestock liquid streams is more concentrated as it is not diluted out with all the water humans use and flush, shower with, etc.. Processes have tried in livestock to some success, but economically no large scale use. Thus I think breaking into the human waste side could be much more challenging economically. However I am not as familiar with city treatment systems if you can get it more concentrated.

However, it should be possible.

Thanks for your reply Joel!

So theoretically it is possible but due to other components in sewage systems, the organic matter in human waste is diluted?

Yes, maybe more feasible once a human plant concentrates the solids portion out of the waste stream.

The initial waste the enters a human waste plant is generally very diluted.