Hi, I live across from the Battelle Darby nature preserve. Have been trying...

Asked November 20, 2019, 11:10 AM EST

Hi, I live across from the Battelle Darby nature preserve. Have been trying to grow some pines on my property without success. Generally they succumb to a disease by the second year. There are several very mature pines that are dead or dying as well. The Norway Spruce do better than White Pine, but few Norway Spruce have lived more than two years. All White Pine saplings have died (100+). This greatly concerns me, and I was wondering if the County Extension Office could offer advice/assistance. The photos show one of the Norway Spruce infected with something (possibly mites?). Approx 2 1/2 y/o. Healthy until four months ago. Thank You, John Mattix

Franklin County Ohio

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Hi John. Allow me to express my sympathies for your trees.
Being unfamiliar with the landscape at Battelle Darby and your property, here are a few questions for you:
1. Are there healthy pines nearby in the preserve? We're looking to see if the problem is on your land or is prevalent in the area.
2. Are you planting in the same area each time? It sound as if there may be some sort of soil borne problem that the trees eventually cannot overcome.
3. Are there adequate drainage and sunlight? Seems a basic question and I don't mean to questions you but sometimes we overlook the obvious.

Here are two links to an excellent website that can get you started on diagnostics.
For Pines:
or Spruce:

Would you be willing to do a soil test? In Franklin County, you can purcahse a soil kit at the Extension Office at 2548 Carmack Road, Columbus Ohio 43210. The phone nmber is 614-866-6900. They can also help you interpret the results.
I hope this helps you and I wish you the best success on this.