Sorghum sudangrass and horses

Asked November 19, 2019, 10:11 PM EST

We are buying property that was used this year to grow cattle silage with a clover, alfalfa, sorghum and Sudan grass mix. Will it be safe to pasture horse on this field next year? Is the sorghum and Sudan grass an annual grass or will it grow again next year? These pastures will be seeded over with a timothy horse pasture mix. I would appreciate any information you have on these grasses and the effect of grazing horses on them. Thank you, Kristy

Menominee County Michigan

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Sorghum/sudan grasses are annuals and should not be present in the field next year.
These grasses are known to cause cyanide poisoning in horses.
In addition, below is a link to a resource bulletin that may be of interest entitled : Growing hay and pasture for Michigan horses.