climbing ivy

Asked November 19, 2019, 5:26 PM EST

Your other emails did not work and returned to me..... I sprouted 2 Boston Ivy plants and planted them when they were 3ft tall on the 9th floor of our apartment building. The next day they were GONE!Eaten by Japanese beatles according to a person who lives here and kbnows a little about gardening. How can I stop that from happening next spring? I am also going to try some climbing Madarin Honeysuckle plants from a mail order house.Are these going to suffer the same fate? Is there a climbing ivy I can plant here in Des Moines? Thanks for your help rick marmon 515-305-1920

Iowa County Iowa

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Japanese beetles feed on the foliage, flowers, and fruit of more than 300 different plants. Japanese beetles feed on the foliage of Boston ivy and Virginia creeper (two closely related plants). Japanese beetles may devour much of the foliage on Boston ivy or Virginia creeper over a period of several days. (Defoliation typically doesn't happen overnight). Even though Japanese beetles may devour most of a plant's foliage, they seldom kill plants. Boston ivy and Virginia creeper are rather resilient plants. Defoliation by Japanese beetles shouldn't kill them.

Japanese beetles are difficult to control. Garden insecticides , such as Sevin (carbaryl or cypermethrin) or Eight (permethrin) can be sprayed on plants to control Japanese beetles. The plants will need to be sprayed frequently.

Mandarin honeysuckle is a vining plant. It isn't able to climb by itself. Mandarin honeysuckle needs to grow on a trellis or some other type of support. (In contrast, Boston ivy and Virginia creeper can cling to buildings and other structures. They don't need a support.)

Japanese beetles are not very fond of honeysuckles.

We have about 8-9 different plants on our terrace.
The Boston Ivy was the only one attacked and they ate all of the leaves leaving behind the veins on the leaves and the stems.

As far as needing a trellis.We have plastic coated wiring climbing to a wired same top.
Perfect for this case.

I kinow the honeysuckle will need to be traind to climb....and once we do will it come back year after year?
Will the bettles get it?
If I keep up the spraying of the Boston Ivy.....can I eventually stop and it will survive?
Or do you know of a climbing ivy (or one we have to train) that is local or better suited for Des Moines?

Mandarin honeysuckle is a hardy woody vine. Plants grown in containers or other above structures are not as hardy as those growing in the ground.

Japanese beetles are not fond of honeysuckles.

Japanese beetles are typically present from late June through late August. Plants susceptible to Japanese beetle feeding may need to be sprayed on a regular basis during this time.