What types of trees are these? From Otsego County

Asked November 19, 2019, 2:20 PM EST

Hello! We are making products from felled trees around our property in Otsego County. Could you please help identify what kind of trees these are? Thank you! Bob and Kim Broz

Otsego County Michigan tree identification

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Do you have any of the leaves there were with them?

Unfortunately no for this batch. But in the future we will try to keep a leaf from a branch (if there are any).

This is an interesting question! And one I'm not entirely sure I can answer via email/pictures. That said, I just spoke with Tabitha O'Dell, the Conservation District forester in Otsego County and she said she may be able to help, if you are willing to bring the tree cookies into her office (at the Conservation District, Livingston Road - near the High School). She would like to take a look at the bark and a closer look at the cellular structure to be sure on identification.
If this is acceptable, please call Tabitha at 989-732-4021 to schedule an appointment. She is frequently out of the office on site visits, so please schedule to ensure you'll catch her in the office.
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