Where can I find a expert to identify bird mites

Asked November 18, 2019, 3:01 PM EST

I desperately need help I have what I believe to be a birdmite infestation in my apartmentI apartment they have taken over they were in all my clothes I had to get rid of all my clothing,furniture moved to another apartment and they are still here the apartments I live in Will not hire a professional exterminator anything I wear twice I have to throw away. The reason why I believe they are birdmites is because the maintenance man found a dead pigeon in my air conditioning unit I had been complaining about bites long before they didn't believe me so they did nothing PLEASE HELP I LIVE IN BALTIMORE,MD no one I talk to knows what I'm talking about they stay around my eyes they are in my hair all over my phone which makes my finger itch

Baltimore Maryland

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We suggest that you contact the Baltimore City Health Department for assistance.

Bird mites can come into homes and bite, but they can't live there and they don't get into your clothes. You shouldn't have to get rid of any clothing. Any insects will be killed and removed if they are washed and dried.

You don't mention whether you are actually seeing them.
There are multiple things that can cause a crawly sensation or of being bitten, including medication/drugs, certain diseases, etc.
See more about that here:


Yes I see them sometimes they are little white specks,or red or black they are all over the house the exterminator can't seem to get rid of them what type of bugs could this be they get in my underwear my scalp, my linen everything

We need to see in-focus photos of the insects you are describing in order to help.

Did you read through the links we provided? Look at the photos provided.

Get a magnifying glass. Look at your suspected insects with a magnifying glass (any cheap one is fine.) You should see 6 to 8 legs. If you do not see legs, it is not an insect.

As mentioned before, many things can mimic the sensation, and even the appearance, of insect bites, including: medications, dust particles, irritation from insecticides, particles from deteriorating foam rubber or fabrics, dry forced-hot air heat, even menopause or other body changes.

The more you scratch your skin or apply pesticides in your home, the more your skin can get irritated. A vicious cycle gets started.

We cannot give you further help unless you attach clear photos to a reply.