White Mine Spider

Asked November 18, 2019, 12:47 AM EST

This spider came from one of our coal mines here in Utah. Can anyone tell me what kind it is. The biggest one was the size of a quarter.

Carbon County Utah

1 Response

It has the general for of a wolf spider but I would expect it to be tan in color. a specialist would most likely need to see it in hand to ID it for sure.

If the white color is the true color and not due to a flash on the camera, then white color indicates to me that this species has adapted to living in caves and mines so may be a unique species, possibly specific to that particular mine or various mines in the local area.

If you could bring one out to the light and take a picture, that would help.

Possibly someone at a local university would be interested in at least knowing about this or would be able to recognize it and ID it for you.