Can I plant grass seed now

Asked November 17, 2019, 2:45 PM EST

Hello, We just had a septic system installed and now have a big area of black dirt. I'm afraid we'll have erosion problems and I'm wondering if what we should do to protect the disturbed area. Is it too late to put down grass seed? If not can you recommend a variety that would be good for a high traffic and mostly shade. We've not had good luck in the past with grass due to the shade in the area. Is there some other ground cover that may work better in a mostly full shade area with high traffic. We are not that fond of grass anyway.

Anoka County Minnesota

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It is too late to plant grass seed unless you do dormant seeding. But grass would not do well in shade anyhow. Here is a link to some ground covers that will do well under your conditions and are hardy in our zone. For instance there are many different colors of ajuga and it is a tough attractive ground cover. Visit your local full service garden center that provides a variety of plants and I am sure you will find everything in this link. If that place does not have them, try another in Anoka County.