Does Sluggo Plus contain EDTA

Asked November 17, 2019, 12:20 PM EST

EDTA is apparently toxic to dogs and earthworms, right? Toxicity in Dogs After Ingesting EDTA Iron Phosphate

Clallam County Washington edta slug bait

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I'm going to refer you to a discussion about this very topic with WSU's Garden Professor.

I would suggest you read the entire blog post, but here is her conclusion:

How bad might these products be for dogs and earthworms you ask? I don’t think anyone knows exactly, but to my knowledge this is the most recent paper on the subject. And here’s an abstract on dog poisonings.

Now, based on the data I’ve seen on poisoning incidents, iron phosphate is less likely to poison your dog than its closest competitor, metaldehyde (though the iron phosphate seems more likely to hurt earthworms than the metaldehyde). I’m not going to stop recommending iron phosphate – Still, I can’t recommend it quite as freely as I have been in my talks — I need to add some real caveats.

Very helpful. Thank you.