Yellow Jacket nest inside wall of home

Asked November 16, 2019, 7:13 PM EST

During summer 1 or 2 yellow jackets have been in my son's room on 2nd level. Searched outside and noticed lots of bee activity in front of house, 2nd level, going in/out of a hole/crack in the brick/mortar. There is no visible hive outside. The hive I'm sure is inside a wall cavity. On 10/19, a pest control svc treated hole outside with a pesticide, (like a white dust), using extension pole. Bee activity outside disappeared that same day. Days later, 1 or 2 yellow jackets still get into my son's room but there is no activity outside. I think these are bees already inside the wall from before. Called pest control again, and they treated the hole outside the same way, even though there was no bee activity there. It's been at least 3 weeks since treatment. How long will they continue to live inside wall? It's November now. Are these worker bees that I'm still seeing? Also If queen(s) survive winter inside, will they leave house in spring or just build another nest somewhere else deeper in home wall? I haven't plugged up hole yet outside as I'm not confident problem is resolved.

Cook County Illinois insect issues

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Thank you for your questions. I think your state’s Extension service answers them in this publication: Good luck!