Leaves from treated yard

Asked November 15, 2019, 3:18 PM EST

I live in an association and the grass is serviced by a vendor. They fertilize and treat for weeds. I have tried to find out what specific chemicals were used with no success. Last fall I gathered leaves from our trees to use for composting for my perennial garden as well as my raised organic vegetable gardens. I used the leaves all season before finally realizing the leaves would be tainted! - should I remove all the soil from my organic garden beds? - is the soil safe to use in perennials and annuals without risking harm to pollinators? Thank you

Carver County Minnesota

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The weed killing compounds are not readily taken up by trees. If they were they would harm or kill the trees. The leaves should not hurt your vegetables and flowers. The pesticide imidaclopid, that kills bees and pollinators , that you may have heard of, is not in weed killer so your flowers won’t hurt pollinators.

Don’t use grass clippings, they are often contaminated. The leaves won’t hurt your garden or beneficial insects.