Should I use Milky Spore or BT to get rid of moles?

Asked November 15, 2019, 10:14 AM EST

Hiya. About 15....20 years ago I put something on my lawn that got rid of the moles for about 10 years or so. But they're back now. I can't remember if I used Milky Spore or BT. Are they same thing? If not which one would you guess I used before? And which would you recommend? Thanks.

Prince George's County Maryland

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Several decades ago milky spore was effective at reducing grub populations in lawns, but even then it could not eliminate moles because there were plenty of other organisms moles just eat besides grubs. Grub control products do not get rid of moles. Yours may have left on their own.

Since those days, milky spore has been found less effective and not worth the cost for grub control anyway.

We have never heard of Bt as related to mole management.

Actually, moles are beneficial since they aerate your soil for you, and plants need oxygen around their roots in order to survive. Also, moles eat pest insects. (They do not eat bulbs, roots, or bark--voles do that.) So, if you can tolerate a few tunnels, we recommend you wait them out. They are very solitary so, though it may look like you have several, it's probably only one. And they don't stick around too long. Mowing or walking on tunnels tamps them down so they are not noticeable. This year the tunnels may be more noticeable because of the severe drought--grass didn't grow to disguise the tunnels.

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Thanks very much for the info.