Bird mite size

Asked November 14, 2019, 4:15 AM EST

About how visible are bird mites? What color and would I need a magnifying glass to see them? I feel strongly that my family is infested especially after being treated for all other human mites multiple times to no avail. We are experiencing them in our nose and ears scalp and entire body. My cats have white paws and we are able to see black dots about the size of a period on their fur. I have a picture of what I believe could be a mite found next to me quickly grabbed with a piece of tape. It was extremely small I only noticed it because it was moving.


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The pictures you have look more like a spiderling than a mite.

If you have concerns about your pets, please seek an appointment with your veterinary doctor to consult about possible problems and solutions.

Bird mites are visible with naked eyes, but a hand lens can be useful in confirming identification.

Bird mites do not survive on humans! And the description you have do not match bird mite problems.

You may want to consult a medical doctor for any physical problems you may be experiencing.

Thank you that makes me feel better. I’ve been to two different doctors a total of 6x now. Trying to convince myself it’s just Delusional Parasitosis. Do either of these look like anything? They where taken from the sample of tape I got from crawling sensation on my arm under magnification. Thank you for your help.

The first picture almost looks like something that could be a living organism, BUT, when you follow the lines of what seems to be "legs", it seems to extend into the body and some continue into what seems to be a different leg. Some of these FALSE legs seem to curve inside the "body" in weird ways. My conclusion is that this is an optical illusion. It looks like a bug but is not a living creature. The second picture has no feature that would indicate it is a living organism.