Dwarf Alberta Spruce issues

Asked November 13, 2019, 10:55 AM EST

We planted this Dwarf Alberta Spruce two years ago in October 2017.

The south/east side of the tree looks great but the north/west is increasingly blotchy/dead.

Any idea if this can be reversed or at least arrested?

Oakland County Michigan

1 Response

It is hard to see if it gets enough light on the Northern side. This plant does best in full sun in a moist soil that drains well. Make sure this plant is being watered during dry periods in the summer.

Spider mites are about the biggest pest issue and they can severely damage a plant causing loss of foliage. The first sign of spider mites is change in color of needles as the mites suck the sap out of the needles. Rinsing the plant with a garden hose can rinse off the mites and reduce their damage. Only wet the foliage in mornings so that leaves will dry out quickly during the day. Check for mites by shaking a branch over a white paper to see if numerous small mites are active on the plant. Spruce spider mites feed during cooler periods in spring and early fall. If there in large number found, the plant can be sprayed with a summer type horticultural oil or with insecticidal soap. This should reduce the mite population and their damage. See the following site for more information: https://hortnews.extension.iastate.edu/2016/06-10/mites.html