Lance Nematodes in the Garden

Asked November 13, 2019, 10:09 AM EST

After struggling for a few years to get my vegetable garden to grow I decided to send in soil samples. I just received results showing "very high populations of lance nematodes". I am having difficulty finding information on how to treat this. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Coos County Oregon

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Thank you for your question. Although there are many Extension articles on management of these pests, it is necessary to know where in Oregon your garden is, and what plants you are growing. Some controls work better in dry, rather than wet, soils. Nematodes that attack roots are plant specific. So more information will help us get you accurate advice. Thank you!

That makes sense. I'm located in Bandon, OR which is on the southern Oregon coast. This is my annual vegetable garden with plantings of peas, carrots, green beans, squash (summer and winter), brassicas, corn, alliums. It is surrounded by lawn, apple trees and a row of raspberry plants. My soil is well drained with average to slightly high organic matter.

Thank you for more information. As I suspected, you are in a largely sand based area, albeit amended with organic matter. As you can read in the following Extension article, control of these parasitic nematodes is most challenging in such soils: I suggest that, rather than planting your crop in native soil, you consider building or acquiring raised beds, where you can control the planting medium, with characteristics different from sand. Bringing in topsoil with a high organic quantity may ‘shield’ your plants from these parasites. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!