Dahlia tuber care for storage

Asked November 12, 2019, 8:50 PM EST

I washed throughly to remove all dirt, separated clumps, Put in 1 gal. Ziplock packed in spagnum moss . It was a brand new bag. Left bag open 3” packed in heavy cardboarc box with lid . Storing them at 45-50 degrees. Did I need to do anything else to them? Someone suggested dipping the tubers in a solution of bleach and water or some kind of anti bacterial powder that you have to wear a mask and gloves. I did not do either of those 2 things. Is there anything else I should have done?

Oakland County Michigan

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I am concerned about the plastic bags, they may hold too much moisture. In general it is good to check them once per month no matter what technique is used, and remove any rotting ones, lightly mist any that are shriveling. Here are some recommended techniques from Extension-



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