Dying Jade Tree - HELP!

Asked November 12, 2019, 7:39 PM EST

My wife has a jade tree that appears to be dying. Its branches are drooping and shriveled and falling off. It is an older tree that is 3' tall (we bought it a few years ago from someone who had it 20 years). We'd hate to lose it.

I can send more pictures if that will help.

Jefferson County Colorado

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From what I understand, it is likely that watering (an excess or deficit) may be an underlying factor. Here is a 'Plant Talk' from CSU which briefly overviews Jade Plant care/disease: https://planttalk.colostate.edu/topics/houseplants/1320-jade-plant/

Past this, is the center of portion of the dead/dying branches soft? If so, Erwinia/bacterial Soft Rot may be a possibility.

Here are two pages from Extension sites which discuss Jade Plants (and potential problems) in more detail: