Using Trees to Capture Carbon question Number 577083

Asked November 12, 2019, 7:12 PM EST

I have not received an answer to question 577083 of July 5, 2019, so i asked it again today, Nov 12,2019. That one is question number 606271. Please answer my question about which trees are the best for rapid carbon sequestration in the S Willamette Valley foothills?

Lane County Oregon

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You'll want to plant the fastest growing native trees that will survive in the microsite habitats on your property. When trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere, they store it as wood. So the faster they store wood the more carbon they sequester. The fastest growing trees in that area are typically conifers. Additionally, Evergreens photosynthesize — take in carbon from the air — more months of the year than other trees. Because they keep their needles year-round, they can continue to photosynthesize through the winter.

If you are on doughtier south western slopes with full sun Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine and incense-cedar can stand up well to harsher conditions. If you are on some north facing slopes with deeper soils than Douglas-fir might be an option. Take a look around at what is growing well on the landscape around you. If you have examples of this species succeeding then they should be able to do well on your site with the proper planting and care.

Consider planting a variety of species if you only plant one species and it is unsuccessful or there is an insect or disease issue, you run the risk of loosing many if not all your trees.