commercial goat dairy

Asked November 11, 2019, 3:52 PM EST

How do I find out what the regulations are for opening a commercial goat dairy farm, where I could sell goat milk and milk products?

Jackson County Michigan

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In Michigan the sale of milk is regulated by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. To sell raw goat milk to a processor, you have to be a licensed dairy. There is also a broker in Michigan that picks up goat milk around the state and then sells it to various processors. You have to meet all of the same requirements as a cow dairy, with a few minor exceptions. You must also have the approval of the area milk inspector before you start construction. The milk inspector is the one that will grant approval for the license and also do the inspections every 6 months. Here are a few links to help you.,4610,7-125-1569_16958_16960-132315--,00.html,4610,7-125-1569_16958_16960-19308--,00.html

In order to sell dairy products (Milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, etc.) you will also have to have a licensed creamery. All products have to be pasteurized, with the exception of some cheeses that can be sold raw if they re aged atleast 61 days. Again the approval of the milk inspector is needed before construcion begins. It can also not be attached to your house or to the barn or milkhouse.