Fig tree that was planted early July

Asked November 9, 2019, 3:02 PM EST

I have had a fig tree in a pot for years (outside in the warm weather and inside for the winter). It was two woody stems and seemed to do well. However, having learned of many local fig trees living happily outside, I decided to plant it in a bed outside in early July. It immediately grew maybe six more stems! It didn't even seem to suffer much with the drought. I watered it, but not frequently. It seems very happy. It is still very green and wasn't showing any signs of dropping it's leaves. Now, due to the freeze last night, the leaves look frozen and droopy. The outer branch on the left and right are the original branches. All the growth in the middle is the new growth since planting. You may be able to see that it has some green figs on it. My question is: should I cut it back? Could the freezing of the leaves damage the tree? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'd really love for this tree to survive.

Kent County Maryland

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At this point remove the green figs and rake up any fallen leaves.
It is okay to prune now, surround the fig bush with bags of shredded leaves, and cover with a tarp to overwinter. Take a look at our fig page and pruning video for more information


Thank you!