How can we get rid of 1000s of tiny flies in a NW window corner

Asked November 9, 2019, 2:52 PM EST

Hello, Some friends of mine who live in an apartment complex in Kalamazoo have been plagued for the last several months by an infestation of tiny flies that cluster and die in the corner windows in their ground-floor, NW corner bedroom. The flies are NOT drain, fruit or fungus flies. They are tiny and slender - smaller than 1/8". They only appear in these NW windows, but by the hundreds and thousands. The apartment complex has told them to cover their garbage, try to trap them in dish soap, or use a Hot Shot pest strip - but none of this has worked. The family thinks the flies are coming from outside: they put wet paper towels in the corners of the windows between panes, and within hours they are covered by flies. The kids who sleep in the room say they sometimes bite, but I'm not 100% sure of that. Please suggest a way to eliminate these pests. Thank you!

Kalamazoo County Michigan

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In the world of flies, there are literally thousands of very similar little flies. Without detailed close-up photos or real or actual specimens to examine, I cannot help you.

There is a Michigan State University Extension office in Kalamazoo County. If you could take some specimens there, they can help you get them into the hands of insect diagnosticians at the main campus. The county office staff might include somebody that could identify the flies.