Is this a redbud?

Asked November 8, 2019, 5:16 PM EST

I have a redbud in my yard, but this is on the edge of a wooded area and gets little sun. Since the edges are ragged, I couldn’t tell.

Berrien County Michigan

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Hi, there!
The leaf sure does look like a redbud. One way to tell for sure it to take a look at the twig and buds. Is it possible for you to send a picture of the twig with buds? Best if you can take a picture of the twigs attached to avoid cutting the tree. With that image, I could tell for sure what species the tree is.
Also, redbud may or may not have small dried papery seed pods still attached. Do you see those? If yes, then redbud is very likely.
You may reply to this thread or email me directly using the information below. Either way works!
Thank you!