adding irrigation and perennials to an active cacti-yucca garden

Asked November 8, 2019, 4:47 PM EST

I sincerely hope this message gets to a responsible, knowledgeable person with a thorough understanding of work ethics.
We have taken MG courses in Seattle and Santa Fe, have retired near Las Vegas, N.M. at 6,500 ft. and have a greenhouse, raised beds, asparagus patch, cacti garden and fruit trees. In nine years our cactus garden has become established and we will be adding irrigation and perennial and annual beds to it for more color. We are seeking knowledge as to the hardiest, showiest blossoms for this garden. I was told by a person whose knowledge I value highly that the cold winds off the Rockies here require hardier plants than the area surrounding Santa Fe which is south of us. Therefore I am turning to you. I can supply images and schematic drawings of our plans for this garden, but at our age, want to plant the best plants for this high area, that will now be receiving drip irrigated moisture from our 12,000 gallons worth of water storage.
I thank you in advance for your help in this matter. Linda and I will be coming To Denver for the Monet exhibit and could consult with willing experts at that time.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Gene Solyntjes C./L.O., C. Ped. (ret.)

San Miguel County New Mexico

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Hi-----Your question has been forwarded to me, an entomologist, so I'm not the one in our organization that can help you with the best information. That would be Dr. Marisa Thompson, our Extension Horticulturist. She is based at Los Lunas, NM.

Here email address is '' I made a copy of your question above and forwarded it to her. She will be out of the office until 11/18, I see.

Other than 'San Miguel County, NM' I have no direct contact info for you. If you could answer with that, I'll forward it to Dr. Thompson.

Thanks for the inquiry. It sounds like you have quite a landscape.

Thanks for your reply. I can see this will be a circuitous journey to get some answers. How a request to a gardening expert in the Denver area got transferred to an Entomologist is quizzical. Your wellmeant referral to a Los Luna's expert, which is near the desert floor in New Mexico, leads me to hope this message finally is turned over to an expert in the zone that approximates the Denver area. I was apprised of the information that using these guidelines for planting bynthe owner of the Agua Fria nursery.