Identify biting insect found in home

Asked November 7, 2019, 5:19 PM EST

Hello, I am being bit by an insect in my house. I have not been able to identify the insect, and I have had trouble capturing it. It seems to fly. The bites turn into red marks on my skin. I have had two visits from the same exterminator. After each visit the bites decrease, but they don't go away completely. At the height of the issue I was almost being bit constantly in the house. After an exterminator visit it drops to as low as three bites per day. I was able to capture one crushed/flattened specimen and image it under a microscope with magnification 5x and 10x. I am attaching the pictures. I still have the specimen. Are you able to help me identify this insect please? I have a relative that lives in Greenbelt MD and can hand deliver the specimen if needed.

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

1 Response

The object in the photos is not an insect, but rather looks like dried blood or a scab or something else that was produced by the body.