Identifying This Insect

Asked November 7, 2019, 2:48 PM EST

This insect hopped a ride on a package of salad greens and I found him alive yesterday, 11/6/19.. It looks somewhat like a grasshopper, but only crawls–doesn't fly or hop. it is about a half-inch long, grey, with long legs,and walks slowly around its new home. How can I identify it? I have no intention of killing it, and have tried to prolong its life with water, breadcrumbs, greens and an enclosed space. Can you refer me to a helpful expert?

Baltimore County Maryland

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This looks like an assassin bug nymph (not adult.) These are beneficial insects because they are predators of pest insects. They are not house pests, i.e. not evolved to live in homes. there are many species. Here's more:

Its best chance of survival is to put it outdoors in a sheltered place (where it gets sun, south exposure would be good) out of the winds, with lots of old plant debris like fallen leaves, mulch, sticks, canes, etc.


Concerning your advice on the best way to keep my assassin bug nymph alive through the winter,
I decided finally to take your advice, since it was still alive in my container, and today placed it in a large open bowl in a protected place outside, with plenty of leaves and sticks, as well as a sign in Spanish for the landscape crew to leave the bowl and leaves in place, because "there are plants inside"–a reasonable fib, under the circumstances.
Thank you very much for your expert advice, which I'm glad I finally decided to follow. Nature's way is the best, after all! Barbara