Wax worms

Asked November 7, 2019, 11:45 AM EST

I am in Ohio and I have had a mess for the last five months and I believe they are wax worms that are coming up from my sub floors or a beetle. All my food has been invested thrown away they are in my plastic tubs that I put my clothes in inside the plastic from coming out of the clothes. I have sprayed I have put powders I have done everything my furniture is ruined , eat all the paint and varnish off my wall. My cabinets they’re eating the shelving on that they go through plastic jugs quickly I’ve even found them in tobacco I’ve ripped all the carpet out of my house and put a new wood laminate flooring down and they were re-surfacing from the floors and I think eaten what was in my new flooring on the bottom because I kept having to sweep it so I took that out. I’m just wondering if I have a big bee nest under the floorboard somewhere or in the walls I have found one little piece of a honeycomb in my house when I clean . I’m at whits end . Everyone thinks I’m crazy but I have lost everything over these. I wasn’t aware and must of been eat them , smoking then me in tobacco . I thought they were power post beetle but damage isn’t the same . Can someone please help with answers . I have spent every dime on this . Ready to leave my home and everything in it . I have many pictures . Eating my hair and leave eggs cats hair .

Richland County Ohio

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Do you have specimens of these insects you can send me?

Please send me you pictures.