Green tomato uses

Asked November 7, 2019, 7:31 AM EST

We have LOTS of green tomatoes, picked the last yesterday before freeze. We'd appreciate recommendations, recipes, suggestions to enjoy them now and later...not just fried green tomatoes.

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Hi- we specialize in plants, gardens, and managing pests. We don't have expertise in food preservation and preparation.

There are lots of relish, chow-chow, and chutney recipes online.

I know you do plants. I assumed you got inquiries from other gardeners who had to pick green tomatoes and wanted to know how to store them so they wouldn't rot. We all know you never put red tomatoes in fridge but what about green ones?

Thanks for checking.

Sure. Here is our crop page on tomatoes, which includes ripening and storage:

We have a page for most garden crops.