Winter - ferns & grasses

Asked November 6, 2019, 8:54 PM EST

I have landscaped a hill in my backyard with a variety of ferns and ornamental grasses that can handle shade. This area is very shady, and as a consequence there are many, many leaves all over them. I don't mind raking them out of the area if need be, but I would just as soon leave them if no harm comes to the plants from having wet, moldy leaves on them all winter long. Are the leaves a good healthy mulch for the ferns and grasses or should I take pains to move them away from the plants?

Baltimore County Maryland

3 Responses

In general, ferns survive on their own in the woods with leaves on them. The grasses and ferns should be okay with the leaves on them.


Thank you - relieved to not worry and just let nature take its course!