White slime, and also what looks like tiny white eggs. what is it?

Asked November 6, 2019, 5:02 PM EST

We have a white slime like unknown on our fountain grass which is kept inside of a green house. I was told it was healthy for the plant. But truly am not sure. Please help, as we need to know how to tend to this secretion from the plant. Or maybe it’s just mold? Also, on our black mondo grass, which does have a more wet than dry soil, we have noticed on some these little white ball like (possibly eggs?) on and in the soil. There definitely tends to be a good amount of them if they are present. Thank you for your time as we are new to this! Cheers, Sarah Monroe

Clackamas County Oregon container gardening

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I think you might be better served by taking the potted plants in to our Clackamas Extension office to get a closer look. It is located at 200 Warner Milne Road

Oregon City, OR 97045 Here is a link to the site with phone number and hours.