Southwest scotch pine

Asked November 6, 2019, 3:04 PM EST

Hello, Our SW scotch pine has brown needles near the trunk. I’m not sure whether it is getting too much or too little water. Maybe it needs something to be added to the soil. See photo attached. Any information would be appreciated.

Boulder County Colorado

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Thank you for your question. Since the assigned expert has been unavailable, I suggest you contact your local office directly: Good luck!

Hello! Thank you for your patience! We were having some technical difficulties accessing the site. Your tree appears to be demonstrating die back beyond what we would expect in the fall, particularly since it is throughout the tree and on some of the outer branches.

I would suggest that you make sure that you water it once a month this winter on a day above 45 degrees for any month that we receive less that 12" of snow. In the spring, you may want to schedule an arborist or the Boulder County tree team to come take a look at it. The way that it is presenting could be several different things that can be accessed more accurately with a site visit.