Vetch for deer and bird food plots

Asked November 6, 2019, 2:38 PM EST

Which vetch can be grown in Lewiston, Michigan?

Montmorency County Michigan

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Deer will eat common vetch (Aeschynomene) which has a high nutritive value for many animals. This vetch is a true annual in that it flowers and produces seed in early fall. The plants then die after the seed has matured but the area can be managed (light disking in the spring) to re-seed itself for several years after it is established.
The plants can reach 3 - 5 ft. when mature and will be attractive to many game birds and other wildlife through the fall months until first frost. It is a warm season annual legume adapted to moist sites and grows best in moist fertile soil (being more tolerate of wet as compared to droughty conditions). Best planting time is in early June when the summer rains start.
Hope that helps.