winter preparation

Asked November 6, 2019, 12:35 PM EST

I recently planted a crab apple, a Haralson, and a Evan's Bali cherry tree. The trunks are wrapped with a white breathable tree wrap and mulched with a few inches of wood chips. I also capped the whole of the upper branches with a white landscape cloth. I'm thinking of creating a fence to shield them from the wind by putting up burlap on stakes surrounding the trees. I live in a wooded area in Brimson so cold and deer are concerns. Shall I put up a burlap fence? Further wrap the trees in burlap? Add more wood chips until the spring? I've seen where black landscape material was used to place on top of mulch around the trunk of a tree to act as a solar root protector. What do you think? I would hate to lose these trees and want to give them the best chance of survival. Thanks. Susan

St. Louis County Minnesota

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I would add 4-6 inches of mulch and take it off when the ground thaws. I would also enclose the trees in a tall wire fence. Farm stakes can be used to hold the fence up. Deer and rabbits can eat a new tree and will do so if the can. I would not use black fabric as it can heat up too much and cause frost heave.