ID'ing animal scat on my screened deck

Asked November 6, 2019, 12:01 PM EST

Our home is located in Thurmont MD We have a large screen porch Access is restricted to “cracks and crevice” type creatures For several summers there has been scat under the porch chairs (see attached scat pictures) We have asked our exterminator but he has been unable to come up with a reasonable answer – his guess ‘it could be a chipmunk’ We’ve tried to ID the scat through various web sites – my guess was skink which we have a few of every summer, we are not overrun but the pictures don’t match It is bird-like in appearance and like bird droppings is very difficult to clean up - Mr. Clean magic erasers are one weapon – but the scat soon reappears You are our last hope, if you don’t know we will officially give up and call it “ghost scat” Thanks,

Frederick County Maryland

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Here are some thoughts. This may be spider droppings or possibly accumulated droppings from mud daubers or wasps and could be both. Mud daubers nests may be stuck to walls of buildings or some type of equipment. You will have to look up under the chairs or the droppings may have dropped from a distance above in corners or the roof area.