Pecking Order and Feather Picking in chickens

Asked November 6, 2019, 6:18 AM EST

I. Have a mixed flock of 6 laying hens, 8 months old. My Sliver Laced Wyandotte, 3rd from the bottom in the pecking order is a bully. She picks feathers, blocks the coop door, and shoves the lower 2 girls off the roost bar. I've tried using pinless peepers on her, but she digs at them until she tears them off. Do you have a suggestion on a safe way curb the bullying behavior for the safety of my two low totem girls?

Ottawa County Michigan

1 Response

Beak trimming, remove about 1/4 of the upper beak and/or use peepers with pins, she won't be able to take it off. Other then that, separation to a different pen is the other option. Behaviors are hard to control.