A keeper?

Asked November 5, 2019, 3:55 PM EST

This plant is a volunteer. If it's a tree, we may want to keep it. If it's a shrub, we don't. Is it a mimosa? Honey locust? Something else? Picture taken 11/3/19 near the DC/MD border. About 5 inches high.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Good morning. This is a mimosa seedling (Albizia julibrissin). They are non-native trees that are invasive in this area. We do not recommend planting it. https://www.invasiveplantatlas.org/subject.html?sub=3004

Here is more information about invasive plants. https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/invasive-plants

If you are looking for ideas for trees to plant, this is a good basic list. https://dnr.maryland.gov/forests/Pages/MarylandersPlantTrees/Recommended-Tree-List.aspx

In Washington, DC, Casey Trees is a great resource as well. https://caseytrees.org/tree-species/


I am extremely grateful for your response. Thanks so much!!!