Asked November 4, 2019, 4:16 PM EST

Saw web site where gardener was having problem losing bark at trunk ...

My Zelcova is losing bark (12x4 inches ) on large branch, but 10 foot up tree continued to leaf?

Should I cut out entire branch or do you have a suggestion?

Baltimore Maryland

1 Response

Look at photos of peeling bark on mature zelkova, as that could be what you are seeing. That would be normal.

If that does not look right, we encourage you to send us a photo of the affected branch.

Squirrels strip bark sometimes, and it is possible that this is what you are seeing. In that case, the branch may recover.

If the branch appears to be dead, you can remove it. But, unless there is some hurry, you may want to wait to see how it does next spring first.